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Networking for HVAC Owners

The majority of HVAC companies are local businesses. Ownership and management know their market, maintain strong customer relationships, and build skilled teams. That formula works well to a certain extent, and then companies may hit a wall or just experience a period of low growth. The highly competitive nature of the industry leads some management teams to look for external assistance going to the next level. This is where industry peer groups can help.

Peer groups recruit members with protected geographies so companies can share best practices freely with other member companies and learn from their real-world peer experience. Peer groups also focus on recruiting the best trainers and vendor partners to add value to their events and ongoing support of members.

Throughout our years in the HVAC industry, IEI Advisors has heard time and time again about how owners credit their peer group training and relationships as foundational to their growth. With that in mind, we are highlighting two top peer groups in case some of our readers will align with their open geographies and could benefit from joining.

Both peer groups focus on recruiting and serving commercial HVAC companies that focus on service while also having other divisions such as construction, plumbing, and controls. Both groups are led by longtime industry veterans and include top quality HVAC companies among their members.


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