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Guiding HVAC Owners To Their Ideal Exit

IEI Advisors is here to guide you through the process of evaluating all of your succession and exit options. We start by learning your HVAC business’s unique value, what makes your company profitable, and what your exit goals are for you and your team.


We then spend time educating you on all of your potential exit options. We know that selling your business has to feel exactly right so we spend the time up front to help develop an exit that fits your needs and goals.


If you determine that a full or partial external sale is right for you, we've developed a confidential M&A process focused on representing HVAC owners. We introduce you to a targeted buyer market and help you narrow down your options to find the perfect buyer at the right time.


We know how much work, time and heart you’ve put into your business, so we're committed to negotiating a high valuation and finding a great match for your employees. We cater our process to you and that looks like:


  • We bring industry experience and data to support our advice. 

  • We are transparent. 

  • We are timely and quick to respond. 

  • We keep you up to date and follow through on our word and keep deadlines. 

  • We give you space to make decisions—we never will push you to make a decision you’re not ready to make or one you’re unsure of. 


We promise to always have your best interest at heart and to represent you as honestly and fairly as we can.

The HVAC Business Exit Planning and Marketing Process


Complete Valuation and Develop Exit Plan

Determine Ideal Internal or External Buyer

Confidentially Market to Buyer Network


Pre-screened Buyer and Seller Meetings

Review Offers and Select Preferred Buyer

Due Diligence and Sale Agreement

For additional information on our services for owners, contact us to request a business marketing process overview or sample scope of work.
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